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Animal Statuary

Just as people have pets in life, they have statues of pets in death (and maybe a happy reunion with former pets in heaven). Besides pets, forest animals and birds are used for symbolic decoration or simply because animals are an important part of life on earth, and some feel that their presence in the graveyard is as natural as their presence in our lives. The most commonly depicted near tombstones is the dog, although lambs, symbolizing innocence, are often put on or near a child’s tombstone. Lions are popular, too, as guardians of the cemetery or a family crypt. There are, of course, separate pet cemeteries as well for those who want an honored place for a faithful pet, but occasionally you can find a pet buried near its master.


Dog and boy - Ajo, AZ

Two dogs - Ajo, AZ

Dog - Beth El Cemetery - Cheyenne, WY

Dog - Hollywood Cemetery - Richmond, VA

Story about the statue:

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Rabbit - Elmwood Cemetery - Detroit, MI

          Resting lion - Greenwood Cemetery -                  New York City, NY

       Alert lion - Greenwood Cemetery -                         New York City, NY

Bear - Greenwood Cemetery - New York City, NY

 Birds - Glenwood Cemetery - Houston, TX













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