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Most cemeteries have a separate section for babies – those stillborn or who died in infancy. Some of the interred have full names, but some are just “Baby Smith.” It is a heartbreaking part of any cemetery as one imagines the anguish of the parents who have to bury their tiny, precious child. In “Baby Land” you will find many touching toys adorning the graves and mournful sayings on the tombstones.


Touching memorial - City of Lubbock Cemetery - Lubbock, TX

Typical tombstone in babyland - City of Lubbock Cemetery- Lubbock, TX

Babies playing - Glenwood Cemetery - Houston TX

Depiction of boy on rocking horse - Riverside Historic Cemetery - Denver, CO

Crying baby angel - Glenwood Cemetery - Houston, TX

Baby in shell - Tomball, TX




Depiction of Jesus with children on large tombstone in Babyland - Sacred Heart Cemetery - Detroit, MI

    Baby in seashell - New City Cemetery -      Monroe, LA

Inscription on marble column carved with drapery effect as a memorial to a child - Glenwood Cemetery - Houston, TX

Mother's Daughters. No write-up on the stone but one would assume the mother lost her 3 daughters in some epidemic - Glenwood cemetery - Houston, TX

Elaborately carved tombstone with baby at its center - Hope Cemetery - Barre, VT





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