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Vandalism is a serious problem in cemeteries. Theft is one reason, since there are beautiful works of art in some cemeteries, but also there are pranksters wanting unique souvenirs or teenagers bent on criminal mischief. Whatever the reason, the result is dismaying destruction that likely will go unrepaired. It is very expensive to repair a tombstone and almost impossible to make it look good. Of course, some tombstones fall apart with age. Weather and time take their toll, and again they are left to crumble because it is too expensive and too difficult to repair them, especially if there is no family member available to tend the grave.


Broken and repaired tombstone - Beth El Cemetery - Cheyenne, WY

Head broken off statue on tombstone (probably by vandals) - Holy Cross Cemetery - Houston, TX

Some kind of mold - Lexington Cemetery -  Lexington, KY




Head broken off statue - Lexington Cemetery - Lexington, KY













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