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Instead of burial in the ground, some people prefer to have an above-ground crypt where the casket is placed on a shelf inside a building. A mausoleum is the same concept, except it is a large, public place with multiple unrelated residents. A crypt is a private, family burial place. For centuries, the wealthy have built family crypts, sometimes going to the extent of elaborate architectural masterpieces. For this reason, those who admire beautiful art and architecture have found much to appreciate in cemeteries. (See Historic Cemeteries Metairie for excellent examples)


Chapel style family crypt - Spring Grove Cemetery - Cleveland, OH

Family crypt with domed roof - Hollywood Cemetery - Richmond, VA

Carved stone crypt - Cave Cemetery - Louisville, KY

Woman and child sitting next to elevated casket with picture of deceased - Cemeterio Britanico - Montevideo, Uruguay







Damaged in-ground crypt beneath cross - Cemeterio Britanico - Montevideo, Uruguay

Covered family plot with crucifix lying on top - Cemeterio Britanico - Montevideo, Uruguay

Large, columned family crypt - Greenwood Cemetery - New York City, NY

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