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Famous Cemeteries in Los Angeles

Since celebrities tend to live in the Los Angeles areas near Hollywood, they are likely to be interred in Los Angeles; thereby, some of the cemeteries have become famous for their star-studded residents and are a big tourist attraction. However, the most famous of all, Forest Lawn, is very protective of its gravesites. Some notables are buried in private gardens accessible only through a locked gate for which only family members have keys. The basement of one mausoleum where Michael Jackson and Elizabeth Taylor have their tombs is strictly off limits. Photographs of the graves are not allowed. Consequently, there are no pictures here from Forest Lawn. When we visited, however, we saw the graves of Walt Disney, Tyrone Power, Alan Ladd, and many more. Ladd is in a mausoleum, and we met a man there whose father was placed in the same marble wall as Ladd. This man said that a mausoleum space there cost $250,000!

            We were able to take photographs at a few other cemeteries that have become the final resting place of a number of stars.


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