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Metal Fences and Gates

Besides stone, metal is used in cemeteries for markers, to cover a grave, and for fencing around a plot. The choice of metal seems to vary with ethnicity and time period as well as its availability. Most commonly, metal is used for a fence around a family plot. Of course, how simple or elaborate the fence and its gate depends on the family’s wealth or its determination to distinguish its members. Some are works of art just as much as any statue or elaborately carved tombstone.


Close-up of metal marker on grave pictured below

Metal grave cover - Monroe, LA

Side view of metal grave cover - Monroe, LA

Decorative fence top in Der Stadt Friedhof (The City Cemetery) -     Fredericksburg, TX

Metal fences around plots in this cemetery pictured below.



Decorative metal entry in Riverside Cemetery -  Milford, NH

Metal gate into family plot in Natchez Cemetery - Natchez, MS

Metal fence around family plot in city cemetery - Matagorda, TX

Metal fence around family plot in city cemetery - Matagorda, TX

Medallion on metal fence in The Old Church Cemetery - Bennington, VT

Medallion on metal gate in the Old First Church Cemetery - Bennington, VT

Metal fence around memorial in the Old First Church Cemetery - Bennington, VT










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