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Military Medallions

The graves of military veterans are often marked by a medallion designating in which conflict and sometimes in which capacity the veteran served. These medallions are just a few inches in diameter and are attached to a metal rod that is stuck into the ground. They come in a wide variety of designs, perhaps because they are created by and placed by different veteranís organizations. Because of this variety, it is fun to make a collection of photos of these medallions and keep on the hunt for a unique one that would add to the collection.


Confederate Veteran - City Cemetery - La Grange, TX

Confederate States of  America - City Cemetery - Nashville, TN

Persian Gulf War - Westminster Cemetery -Langeloth, PA

Revolutionary Soldier - Old First Church Cemetery - Bennington, VT

Revolutionary War (new version) Westminster Cemetery - Langeloth, PA

Revolutionary War - Jaffery, NH

Spanish American War in Cuba - Hope Cemetery - Barre, VT

Texas Revolutionary War Veteran - La Grange City Cemetery - La Grange, TX

Texas Revolutionary War Veteran - Mexia City Cemetery - Mexia, TX

Soldier of the Revolution - The Hermitage  -Nashville, TN

Union Army - Union Cemetery - Steubenville, OH

Veteran, WWI - La Grange City Cemetery = La Grange, TX

Veteran, War of 1812 - Union Cemetery - Steubenville, OH


US Veteran - Jaffery, NH

 Vietnam Service - Found on the Internet

Vietnam War - Langeloth, PA

War of 1812 - City Cemetery - Nashville, TN

War of 1812 - In Honor of Service - Hermitage house - Pres. Jackson's Hermitage House - Nashville, TN

War On Terrorism - Found on the Internet

WWI - Bennington, NH

WWI - Concord, MA

WW1 - Hope Cemetery - Barre, VT

WWI - Westminster Cemetery - Langeloth, PA

Veteran, WWI - Riverside Cemetery - Milford, NH (Not a medallion but a symbol nonetheless)

WWII Air Force Veteran with name - Glenwood Cemetery - Houston, TX

Veteran, WWII - Hope Cemetery - Barre, VT

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