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Tombstones with Stories/Epitaphs

If you truly want to have the last word or maybe even the last laugh (See Cemetery Humor), then put your parting remarks on your tombstone. Many people have done that, and the final message provides fascinating information for those who visit the cemetery. Sometimes it is a philosophical statement, sometimes it is an explanation of the manner in which the deceased died, or sometimes it is a tribute from someone else. Probably the most famous epitaphs are those found on Boot Hill in Tombstone, Arizona, where macabre wit and bluntness dictated the information posted on the tombstones (See Historic Cemeteries).


Love letter to her husband after death - City of Lubbock Cemetery - Lubbock, TX

Death of British soldiers located in Minute Man  Historical park - Concord, MA

Epitaph of General Albert Sidney Johnston CSA - Metairie, LA

Martin M Rose Polish Cowby - Died at the hands of others - Concordia Cemetery - El Paso TX

Reburial of grandmother and grandson of native American descent reburied from construction site in Cheyenne, WY - Beth El Cemetery - Cheyenne, WY


Wooden plaque located in Concordia Cemetery - El Paso, TX













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